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Development Services

Sagecrest Planning + Environmental offers a wide variety of development services including due diligence review, feasibility analysis, land entitlement services, permit processing, and project management. Sagecrest team members boast over 30 years of experience working with developers, property owners, jurisdictions, and consultants to ensure  projects are approved quickly with high-quality and cost effective results. Our project managers can provide a wide range of unparalleled experience on a variety of different types of development or entitlement projects, including: in-fill residential, residential, mixed-use, commercial/retail, industrial, and office development.

"However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results."
Winston Churchill

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As part of your overall due diligence period incorporate a Sagecrest due diligence report. Sagecrest's reports provide a valuable insight on the permitted land uses and entitlement process for your development.  

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Sagecrest's project managers not only have extensive experience working in City's, which gives them a deeper understanding of the entitlement process. Sagecrest can coordinate with multiple technical consultants and City staff to provide an efficient entitlement process.

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Upon approval of the entitlements, Sagecrest's project managers will continue coordinating with the technical consultants and City to process the project through plan check. 

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